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Ultra-modern technology and a motivated team produce the highest quality.

Corrugated Cardboard

Towhidcarton Packaging Industries Co (T.C.P.I) produces high-quality corrugated cardboard with high functional capability.

We produce different kind of corrugated cardboards with various widths from 150cm to 250cm (such as 150 , 160 , 180 , 200 , 210 , 220 , 230 , 240 , 250) and C , B , T flutes.

You can order single facer and double facer (three layer and five layer such as C , B , T , CB , CT , BT) corrugated cardboards by customizad layers material.

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Towhidcarton Packaging Industries Co (T.C.P.I) produces different kind of slotted case , die-cut packaging , trays & telescopic cartons (laminated & unlaminated) in different dimensions for general and special uses.

We have the ability of attractive printing up to 6 different colors (flexography , offset & post printing with high quality and accuracy).

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Slotted Case

Towhidcarton ensures maximum quality and the best possible safety. In addition to a high level of functional capability, attractive printing in up to six colours backs up your company's advertising strategy.

We produce slotted cases in a variety of sizes and material thicknesses. If packaging stability requirements are particularly stringent, we can reinforce the adhesive edge with a taping strip to help prevent transport damage.

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